Experience the flavors of the Turkish tradition.

Turkish cuisine is very colorful, just like the country’s cultural mosaic. It is one of the world’s most appetizing and rich cuisines. Diversity and the full flavor make Turkish cuisine worldwide famous. For those who can’t visit Turkey, we bring Turkey to you!

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Signature Dishes

Every great chef has a defining recipe, and so does ours. He strives to present an approachable fine dining experience, fit for a birthday or anniversary celebration or an ordinary Wednesday night.

About Us

Turkish cuisine is very colorful, just like the country’s cultural mosaic. It is vibrant and diverse, including a wide range of influences and flavors. The dining experience differs from what you typically expect: a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere, and a menu with carefully crafted dishes that you won’t find elsewhere.

Turkish food is more than just koftas, kebabs, and doners. In our restaurant, you’ll find Turkish dishes not as commonly found in Canada.

The Turkish appetizers, main courses, desserts, Turkish coffee, or juices will surprise your taste buds in a way that not you’ll be just amazed, but you’ll want more of it. We ensure that our guests are completely satisfied and feel as if they have just visited Turkey by capturing the traditional ambiance, replicating the true flavors, delivering fresh produce and quality food, and providing excellent service. Can’t visit Turkey right now? We are the perfect substitute restaurant in Canada. Come visit our Sultan Ahmet Turkish Cuisine in Mississauga and get ready to be thrilled with every meal!

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Our marvelous restaurant is located at 575 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 5L7